Mad Cows Design - Automotive Apparel for Enthusiasts

Whether you're looking for great gift ideas for the car guy in your life or you need some sweet auto enthusiasts swag for yourself, you can find everything you need right here at Mad Cows Design.

We are the original source for the freshest car shirts, funny racing tee shirts and sweet vinyl car decals. We carry 100% cotton t-shirts for both men and women along with a comfy hooded pullover. All of our creative t-shirt designs are designed in-house and original. All of our designs are based on the cars we love and the sport we love; whether it's auto crossing, auto racing, or just tuning your ride for the streets.

Some of the most popular t shirts that we carry focus on your favorite engines. Our engine code t-shirts feature some of the best motors in world. Our car shirts represent a huge range from some of the most popular tuner/sports cars in the world to the rarest JDM classics. If you ever set foot on a track you'll need to check out our hilarious racing shirts. Our funny racing shirts will have your fellow racers laughing their helmets off.

If you're a petrol head, but rather be on two wheels, we got you covered. We have motorcycle and bikes shirts just for you. If you have a car, you're probably a member of a forum dedicated to that very car. That's why so many car forums have reached out to us to have their official club/forum t-shirt designed and sold by Mad Cows Design. Find your racing forum in our car forum t-shirt section or request to have your club included.

Have you met The Stig? Maybe you should look in the mirror then. One of our most popular racing t shirts features our favorite masked hero. Grabbing one of our popular  "I'am The Stig" t-shirts will let the women in your life know that want to be with you and the men in your life that they want to be you.

Over the years our fans have been great to us and we appreciate them more than ever. Mad Cows Design has grown into it's own name brand. People keep asking for the cute mad cow and we couldn't say no. Along with our designer Treadsetters brand you can find the original brand of the racers, tuners and hoonigans in our Mad Cows Design/Treadsetters category

Almost all of our car shirt designs are also featured in vinyl cut car decals. Don't go over-board, but be sure to check out our car decals section for a funny and cool decal for you car.

We've been in business for over six years because of you. We listen to our customers and fans and do right by them. We use the highest quality materials we can find, including 100% cotton t-shirts, 6 year outdoor car vinyl and Champion hoodies. We even consider the materials and the way we ship you your item so that you get your car shirt as quickly and safely as possible. We also use thick unbendable envelopes because we want you to get your decal in perfect shape.

We know without your support we can't do what we love here at Mad Cows Design and that's why not only is your satisfaction our number one priority, we hope moreso that we can go above and beyond with our customer service and products to bring you something special.